The Rules

Artists are responsible for all their own set up including tables, chairs, tents, and tent weights, etc. You must not go outside your given space allotment; your display must fit inside the parameters.

All items for sale must be handcrafted by the artist or vintage (meaning 20+ years old). We do not allow imports or re-sale items that are not vintage. We do allow for 20% manufactured and prefabricated pieces, but 80% of your goods must be handmade by the artist(s) or vintage. We will consider brands whose products are made by hand in other countries with a percentage of profits benefitting a nonprofit on a case by case basis. 

No MLM products. No exceptions. 

You must arrive at minimum 30 minutes before showtime or your space may be given to another vendor.

Please do not break down early. Doing so will hurt your chances of participating in future events. If you must leave early because of a special circumstance, please contact an Indie South staff member before breaking down your booth. We appreciate your cooperation.

State law requires that all vendors pay sales tax on their revenue from events. It is each individual’s responsibility to make sure that they claim their income and collect sales tax. Indie South does not require any permits, licenses, or ID numbers  nor do we provide any forms or assistance in this matter. You should have a tax ID number and submit the appropriate forms to the revenue department. If you are doing an event in GA, you may pick up forms at the Georgia Department of Revenue, located in Georgia Square Mall. Their address is: 3700 Atlanta Hwy., Suite 268 Athens, Ga 30606.

Once your application is accepted, you grant Indie South Fair permission to use images of your items for promotional purposes, including but not limited to online and print media. During participation in our event you grant permission to have photographs taken of your likeness, booth and items for the purpose of advertising and promotion online, in print and otherwise.


By submitting application and payment, you agree to the following:

You release Indie South Fair and all of its affiliates from any damage to your person or property that may occur as a result of participation in Indie South Fair. This includes set up, break down, and the official hours of the event. We make every effort to provide a secure environment. You are solely responsible for all of your belongings, including inventory, tables, tents, chairs, and your vehicle. Please do not leave valuables unattended. Indie South Fair nor its’ affiliates are liable for any injuries sustained during participation in this event. 

Fees &  Refunds

Both booth and application fees are due with your application. Applications are submitted by choosing your event, adding it to your cart, filling out the required fields, and submitting payment. 

If you are applying past the official deadline, additional fees may apply and you may not be included on the printed version of the map and/or program.

You will be notified approximately one week after event deadlines, once all the applications have been reviewed. 

Standard booth for outdoor events is 10ft by 10ft tent. Standard booth size for indoor events is 6ft by 4ft.  Booth fees vary. All event fees include a non-refundable $15 application fee.

Application fee must be paid by each vendor if sharing a booth. Boothmates may pay directly via paypal to:

If you apply and are not accepted, you will receive a full refund minus the $15 application fee.

If you are accepted and cannot participate, there is a short grace period during which you may withdraw your application and receive a full refund minus the $15 application fee.

After this period, refunds will not be given for any reason. If the event is canceled due to severe weather, other Acts of God or conditions beyond the control of the Indie South Fair, your fee will not be refunded to you.

Vendor FAQs

How can I get my work carried in your shop? We get many artists who are interested in having their line in our shop. We ask that you please do not bring work in person or leave work at our shop to be evaluated. We have a form you can submit for us to consider carrying your work and you can find it here.  We do encourage people interested in having their work in the shop to first participate in our events, particularly if you are new to selling your wares. 

How can I participate in your events? All of our events have an online application that must be submitted with payment. If applications are on the website, that means we are still accepting applications. Applications are curated and if you are not accepted, you will receive a refund for your booth fee payment only.  Application fees are not refundable for any reason. 

Will there be electricity? Bathrooms? Wifi? Electricity is not provided at any of our outdoor events and not guaranteed at indoor events. You may bring a super quiet generator, or if the event is indoors, request to be next to an outlet. You may not run cords or wires from at outlet to your booth if it is not near an outlet–it creates a dangerous situation for patrons who may trip and fall on the wires. 

There is access to bathrooms or portapotties at all of our events. 

We cannot guarantee access to wifi, especially at outdoor events. Even at indoor events, venue’s wifi often will not accommodate 50+ people trying to access it at once. 

What is the attendance of your events? Attendance varies from 100-5K people depending on the event. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to scale your expectations based on the vendor fee–events with cheaper booth fees are likely to have less of a draw, while higher booth fees will have a larger crowd. However predicting turnout is difficult and we suggest you attend an event as a patron before participating as a vendor. 

What about the weather? Indie South events are rain or shine events and we expect vendors to come prepared for wind, rain, and heat. We have never cancelled an event due to weather however we do not penalize vendors if they do not feel comfortable setting up in inclement weather. No refunds will be given in the event that weather makes it unappealing or unsafe to set up. 

Booth Sharing: We do allow booth sharing, but we cannot pair you with a booth mate. Indie South allows up to three vendors to share a booth, however each vendor must be listed on the primary application and each vendor must pay a separate application fee. If we find vendors sharing booths who did not apply, it is grounds for future disqualification.