What Is

Indie South Fair?

Our Vision:

Indie South Fair is a traveling curated market that brings together artists, designers, and creative entrepreneurs to showcase their work in a festive atmosphere that includes music, artisanal food and drink, kids craft activities, photo booths and fun times! We not only foster budding small businesses, but their community of supporters as well. We believe strongly that face to face interaction between makers and their patrons is key to doing good business and building solid connections. Our goal is to knit together a network of makers, small businesses, and creatives across the Southeast. We want to bring their work to diverse markets while showcasing to the broader audience we have built after nearly a decade.


What We Do:

No matter what your schedule or budget, there’s an opportunity for everyone to be part of what we do. Applications are hand selected based on quality, innovation, and originality. Each event is a new experience with a different mix of artists and vintage dealers.  Fine, folk and functional pieces can all be found here, as well as inspiration and opportunities to meet personally with the makers themselves.

Why we’re here:

Indie South Fair has earned a reputation for being the largest and most diverse market of its kind in the area, and one of the first to expand to multiple locations across state lines. Simply the best for lovers of the handmade, vintage collectors, and those looking to engage in their creative community. We welcome people from all walks of life to come together around a fundementally human trait: artistic expression.

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Serra Ferguson, the founder and organizer behind Indie South Fair, has been at the forefront of the modern DIY craft movement since opening her handmade-only retail shop, Remnant, in 2002. A designer and maker herself, she traveled the country selling her wares doing 14+ shows a year before deciding to use her valuable experience as a seasoned vendor to create a marketplace in her adopted home town of Athens, GA.  Seeing a need for Southern designers and artists to have a forum to meet the increasing demand for locally-produced, handmade goods, in 2006 she decided to expand her passion for fostering emerging designers and entrepreneurs and Indie South Fair was born. She prides herself on the personal relationships she has built with her colleagues and artists over the years that have helped Indie South flourish.

In 2016, she saw the time was nigh for expansion and opened a brick and mortar location to showcase people’s work year round as well as having a space for classes and workshops.

In addition to organizing Indie South Fair, she has worked with other festivals running their artists’ markets including AUX Experimental Music Fest, Meltasia, and Wildwood Festival. When she is not involved in some aspect of Indie South you can find her watching at fleamarkets and junk shops, watching friends’ bands play, or spending time at home with her husband and daughter.


Our events with applications and deadlines are here.


If you would like to volunteer or intern with us, we would love to hear from you. We have so many diverse areas that we could use your help with and would love to get you connected with our growing team in a way that lets you use your talents fully. We’d love it if you contacted us and let us know what you might be interested in so we can see if there is a good fit for both sides!